Awesome Screenshot Extension for Google Chrome

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Taking screenshots of websites is really a very common need of all the designers and developers. We take very complicated steps to do this whenever we need it. And the main problem comes when we are going to take screenshot of page having more height. For doing this, basically we make this in few possible parts and then we combine in photoshop or any image editing software.

But now there is a smart way to take screenshot of a web page either in the full height, the visible content or the only part we need.
Even we can edit and modify the screenshot and finally we can share this as well on twitter, facebook, gmail and may more. this is pretty amazing…

Know more about this extension | Install this Extension

Awesome Screenshot Extension for Google Chrome

  1. Very Good information. And its really a nice extension for the web designers. As they are used to take screenshots of the newly designed pages very often.
    Thanks & Keep it Up

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