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Here is really very simple and smart JavaScript form validation. This is quite simple to use, understand and modify the validations as required.

Here you can find validation for every type of needed fields and various methods like:

  • Checking for Empty Fields
  • Numeric Inputs (like Phone Number, Pin Number etc.)
  • Alphabet Inputs (like Name)
  • Alphabet and Numeric both inputs in one field (Like Address)
  • Character Length in both the ways as minimum and maximum
  • Email Validations
  • Checking Selection for Dropdown List

Javascript Form Validation


When we are going to design a form for our website, the problem comes when we feel unable to design the checkbox of the form. Our CSS trick doesn’t works on it.

But now we have a very well designed checkbox that we can use in our website, even we can change the design as per our need as well. Good part of this is, this is done with jQuery and we can modify it very easily…

Here is the link for Demo, download and tutorial of this.

Demo | Download | View Tutorial

Resource : Tutorialzine

Better Check Boxes with jQuery and CSS

Here is one really best way to show your portfolio photos in camera shutter effect with the help of jQuery and canvas of HTML5. This looks really very nice and is really very easy to use. I am damn sure that you all will like this very much as me.

Demo | Download | View Tutorial

Resource : Tutorialzine

Shutter Effect Portfolio with jQuery and Canvas

To show more content in less space, the best way is putting tab controlled content. You all have tried many types of tabs with jquery and other javascirpt.

But here is the best tab ever having many many features like

  • Ajax controlled
  • Loads external pages
  • Shows a beautiful loading…
  • Colorful tabs
  • Easy to maintain and edit
  • nice CSS3 effects
  • many more…

Must try once….

Demo | Download | View Tutorial

Resource : Tutorialzine

Sweet AJAX Tabs With jQuery & CSS3

HTML5 introduces you the very latest technics of building forms. Now you no need to stuck with complicated validations and may lengthy fileds to create a form, because HTML5 gives you many new tools to make your form very simple and fetured.

HTML5 introduces many new input types like:

  • Email : <input type="email">
  • Web URL : <input type="url">
  • Number : <input type="number" min="0" max="10" step="2" value="6">
  • Range Slider : <input type="range" min="0" max="10" step="2" value="6">
  • Date Picker : <input type="date">
    <input type="month">
    <input type="week">
    <input type="time">
    <input type="datetime">
    <input type="datetime-local">

  • Search : <input type="search">
  • Color Picker : <input type="color">
  • Form Validations
  • Required Fileds : <input type="email" required>

Take a look at this example…

Demo | Download | View Tutorial

Resource :

How to Create Cross-Browser HTML5 Forms

Here on advance floating menu with jQuery. This floating menu has some advance features like

  • This can be setup that from where the menu has to started floating up. Actually this floats under it’s parent element.
  • This can also be setup that what should be the last limit of this floating menu.
  • More than one floating menu can be used at different places and postions

I hope you like this menu so much. This is pretty cool…

Demo | Download | View Tutorial

Resource :

Spotlight: Constrained Stickies with jQuery

Hi Designers,

Greetings! Here is the most intensive need of the designers – ICONS IN MONO COLORs.
Every designer want to make there website or any stuff he/she is designing to be the best, and for this icons are the really very important factor of the good looking designs.

Now you can have your own collection of minimal icons in mono colors. Here I am giving you the link of some really very cool icos sets. Click below links to direct download the icons.
Happy Designing…..

Resource : deviantart, enlivenlabs, glyphish

Free Minimal Icon Sets collection in mono colors