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Posted: April 26, 2011 in JQuery
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Here is something to show the news section of the website in a single line with a very effective animation effect with the help of jQuery.

This jQuery News Ticker is very light weighted and very easy to use in the website. The idea of this news ticker is taken from BBC News website.

jQuery News Ticker

View Demo | Download | View Tutorial

As jQuery is used to make this ticker, this is very customizable, you can edit it’s css and options in your own way.Some feature of this ticker are :

  • The content of the ticker is in <UL><LI> format
  • The ticker can be shown from XML file
  • The ticker can show the RSS FEED of the website.
  • And Many more…

There are many options to customize this ticker to perform in your website as per your need. Some the options are :

Options Possible Value Discription
speed 0.10 The speed of the reveal
ajaxFeed false Populate jQuery News Ticker via a feed
feedUrl false The URL of the feed
feedType ‘xml’ Currently only XML
htmlFeed true Populate jQuery News Ticker via HTML
debugMode true Show some helpful errors in the console or as alerts
controls true Whether or not to show the jQuery News Ticker controls
titleText ‘Latest’ To remove the title set this to an empty String
displayType ‘reveal’ Animation type – current options are ‘reveal’ or ‘fade’
direction ‘ltr’ Ticker direction – current options are ‘ltr’ or ‘rtl’
pauseOnItems 2000 The pause on a news item before being replaced
fadeInSpeed 600 Speed of fade in animation
fadeOutSpeed 300 Speed of fade out animation

View Demo | Download | View Tutorial


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