Making a Simple Tweet to Download System

Posted: May 28, 2011 in JQuery
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Wanna give download link after twitting the page?

Here is something which may help you to give a download link after twitting the page by user.

Most of the times, you put a twitter link in your page in the websites, so that user can tweet your page, so that your page can go promoted, but most of the times no one tweets your page. Just come to your website and they download the stuffs you are making them available for them.

You always wanna make them tweet your page, you request them and they never do this however it takes seconds only, isn’t it?

Now you have an option to make you download link active only when a user tweets your page, otherwise that link will look inactive. Yes, this come possible now. Best part of it – this uses jQuery and this is customizable as per your needs.

Here is the demo link and download link also available for you.

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Tweet to Download - Demo


Demo | Download | Details

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  1. KU says:

    It’s not perfectly working.
    Even if you click on TRY IT link popup window opens and if you dont TWEET then also your DOWNLOAD LINK will be activated.

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