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Here is really very simple and smart JavaScript form validation. This is quite simple to use, understand and modify the validations as required.

Here you can find validation for every type of needed fields and various methods like:

  • Checking for Empty Fields
  • Numeric Inputs (like Phone Number, Pin Number etc.)
  • Alphabet Inputs (like Name)
  • Alphabet and Numeric both inputs in one field (Like Address)
  • Character Length in both the ways as minimum and maximum
  • Email Validations
  • Checking Selection for Dropdown List

Javascript Form Validation


We always get a problem to design a form like contact, feedback and many other. The second problem comes when we are going to validate the form by javascript.

Here I found a very smart solution of all these problem related to form. This form is having very nice design, ajax validated for name, phone, email and all other required fileds with very beautiful way of showing error messages, and best part of it – this is created with jQuery.

You can modify the messages showing for the fields, you can decide the fields to be required, you can add fields and many more options with more flexibility.

Demo | Download | View Tutorial

Resource : Mobily Playground

Ajax Contact Form with jQuery